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Real Red Raspberry

Mixing modern with traditional for your best experience.

Real Red Raspberry Ltd. is a family owned company funded and runned by father and daughter, Prof. Dr Živko Avramov and Ph.D Tatjana Avramov. We are family business, built on a rich agricultural and academic tradition. Both, father and daughter, have left their academic careers and fully commit themselves in creating a raspberry company on their family land in Becej.

     We are using our knowledge and passion to experiment and details to produce high quality raspberry and premium food products.     

On the family plantations, which are spread over 10 hectares of the best soil in Vojvodina, we produce raspberry, Polka variety.
Polka variety has a big, sweet fruit, with a very strong structure and is suitable for placing on the fresh fruit market. Also, because of the strength of ripe raspberry fruit, it is preserved as a whole and in pieces in our jams and products.

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Light Raspberry Fruit Spread

Made out of 80% whole raspberry and only sweetened with fructose or stevia. Without artificial colors or flavorings. Gluten-free and Non-GMO product.

Traditional Raspberry Extra Jam

We introduce you to a traditional Serbian fruit delicacy – Raspberry Jam. According to the recipes from our grannies, raspberries are carefully selected and with a special cooking technique they are preserved as a whole fruit. Without artificial colors or flavorings. Gluten-free and Non-GMO product.