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Ključ Bakery

Handmade traditional pies without additives and artificial ingredients

In other words, delicious mixture of tradition and love

Ključ bakery has been dealing with the pie production from handmade crusts, cornbread, traditional cakes and salty products since 2006. For its 10 year existence, Belgrade’s Ključ bakery has become a synonym for handmade, homemade pie of extraordinary quality and taste without additives and artificial ingredients.

The pies are made by using buckwheat; pumpkin and wheat flour in over 20 various types of flavours. Ključ bakery is recognizable for its way of producing the crusts that are handmade according to traditional method older than 100 years, without additional additives and artificial ingredients, with respect to the highest security standards and food production quality.

Even though more and more bakeries offer a wide product assortment palette, we have chosen the production program of traditional products and pie specialties in Ključ bakery. That is the feature that distinguishes us from others. Committed work, love and devotion to the quality without compromise have already made the pie a synonym for Ključ bakery.